When Should Cleveland Landlords Conduct Rental Property Inspections?

When Should Cleveland Landlords Conduct Rental Property Inspections?

If you were to rate the quality of your Cleveland, OH, rental properties, would you be confident enough to give it an A?

Hopefully, you would, as a recent report found that of surveyed occupied housing structures in the city, only 14.4% are grade-A quality. Most are grade B and C, while thousands of others had deteriorated conditions.

The good news is that rental property inspections can help maintain your properties' quality, safety, and habitability.

Here's how often you should inspect your rental properties and the benefits of doing so.

Before Listing

When you create rental listings, it's best you highlight your properties' best features. Doing so is one of the top ways to attract tenants. You can boast about their patio, balcony, outdoor space, and energy-efficient appliances.

But unless those features are in top condition, they can become more of a deterrent. A patio with missing floor tiles, overgrown grass, and faulty appliances can put off potential renters.

So, before listing your property, inspect it thoroughly for defects and fix any problems you find. That way, when applicants come for a viewing, they'll see a well-maintained, not a damaged property.

Monthly Drive-By

Every month, do a drive-by inspection (a quick visual check) of your properties. It can help you spot issues with their curb appeal, such as an overgrown lawn or peeling paint. If you find any problems, don't delay fixing them to prevent turning off potential renters.

If you already have tenants, an excellent curb appeal gives them another reason to enjoy living in your units. Enjoyment is vital to having a satisfied tenant, and the more satisfied they are, the more likely they'll want to renew their lease.

Semi-Annual Inspections

Thoroughly inspect your properties once in the spring and another in the fall. Doing so can help you avoid legal matters regarding the safety and habitability of your properties. Remember: Tenants can file complaints against you or even sue you if your property poses personal safety and health risks.

With a spring inspection, you can find and fix property issues more likely to occur or worsen during the summer. An example is an inefficient air conditioner that, if not tuned up properly, can break down during a hot day. You don't want your tenants without an AC to rely on, especially not with Cleveland expected to have a warmer-than-usual summer in 2024.

A fall inspection is just as vital, helping ensure your properties are ready for winter. Hire reliable contractors to service your units' roofing, heating, and plumbing systems.

Rental Property Inspections Made Easier

As crucial as regular rental property inspections are, they are time-consuming, as you have to do them multiple times a year.

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